The AHOY Validator is run by an infrastructure team with experience running one of the most successful validators on Solana! Our validator helps decentralize and secure the SUI network whilst providing a fantastic return on investment.

We use high-powered servers in top-class data centers to ensure high reliability, security and uptime.

A percentage of the AHOY NFT mint will be delegated to the AHOY validator.

This delegated stake, combined with stake delegated from other wallets, will provide AHOY with a reliable income source. In addition, a portion of the validator rewards will be invested into other projects to facilitate the growth of the AHOY Network and, as a result, offer increased rewards to the community via our automatic raffle system.

To find out more about how validators work & how they benefit the Sui ecosystem check out our Medium article.

Staking statistics

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...% apy
ValidatorCard2 staked (Million)
...% commission
...% pool share
Validator GrowthTotal SUI Staked over time
Pool share growth over time